Weronika Urbańska, PhD

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Environmental Protection

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Research and teaching assistant professor at the Department of Environmental Protection Engineering at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering of the Wrocław University of Technology, PhD in engineering and technical sciences in the field of environmental engineering, mining, and energy, specialization: waste technology. Her interests include methods of recovering critical metals from waste lithium-ion batteries, sustainable management of raw materials and their acquisition from extraterrestrial resources (metal recovery from martian and lunar regolith), the impact of waste management on climate change, and the implementation of the circular economy model in everyday life (zero waste) and industry.   

Author of over several dozen works, including publications and industrial studies in the field of waste management, a participant in many national and international industry conferences. Currently, the manager of R&D work on an industrial project in the field of recycling Li-ion batteries from the automotive industry and the manager of a scientific project financed by the Miniatura 6 grant of the National Science Center “Biological recovery of metals from waste lithium-ion batteries with the use of extremophilic microorganisms”.

The promoter of issues related to environmental protection – e.g. author of popular science articles published on portals such as Technology.org, Szajn.pl, an expert at many events, including Climate Days of Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Made in Wrocław 2022 (Back to the space panel), World Space Week Wrocław 2022 (Ecology in the space sector panel), 4th International City-Water-Quality of Life Congress (Urban waste management and quality of life in the city session), Wrocław Tech Date (Deep Tech panel from different perspectives) and in radio appearances (including Radios: Luz, 357, Wrocław and Meloradio) and television appearances (TVP Wrocław, Echo24). Winner of the Zero Waste Cups 2017 competition in the Zero Waste Ambassador Person category, awarded in the following competitions: Climate Man of the Year organized by the Ministry of Climate and Environment, Longines x ELLE – we are looking for new pioneers and a Polish woman of the 21st century (Innovation and new technologies category). Nominated for the R&D Impact 2023 and Scientist of the Future 2023 awards in the category: Woman of science who changes the world. Since 2020, she has been a member of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists in Wrocław, where, as part of her previous activities, she was a co-initiator, and is currently the coordinator of a new category of earth and environmental sciences in the Wrocław Student Scholarship Program for PhD students. Certified academic tutor, and participant in the project of the Ministry of Education and Science – Masters of Teaching, as part of which in 2021 she had a two-week study visit at University College London.