…are amazing organisms which can be combined in many disciplines. We create new technologies for a better future in Science and Space!

Solutions for sustainable development and Space exploration

Extremophiles are organisms on Earth with unique features for survival, and these organisms we are researching to stress the importance of using them in science.Thus, we would like to introduce you to the novelty of bonding EXTREMOPHILES with innovative solutions both not only on Earth but also in Space exploration.

Meet our team!

Our team consists of diverse and highly qualified scientists who connect multiple disciplines from the fields of biotechnology, engineering, architecture, and education. In this way, we can foresee and develop new ways of utilizing extremophiles for the betterment of humanity and all life on Earth.

 MSc. Eng. arch.
Wiktoria Dziadula
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Sara Sabry
Business Development Officer
MSc. Eng.
Ewa Borowska
Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Magdalena Łabowska, PhD
Research Specialist
Eng. arch.
Jadwiga Małecka-Fick
Design Specialist


Weronika Urbańska, PhD
External Advisor
Environmental Protection
Jakub Ciążela, PhD
External Advisor
Marine&Planetary Geology

Mateusz Słowikowski
External Advisor

International Advisors

Brett C. Gonzalez, PhD
External Advisor
Invertebrate Zoology/Marine Biology
Cumhur Gökhan Ünlü, PhD Eng
External Advisor
Nanotechnology Specialist

Lawrence Klaes
External Advisor
Technical Writing