Algae bio-panel

….is based on the unique species of microalgae.

We aim to develop a closed-loop system to support crew space missions and promote sustainable development. Bio-based solutions with unique algae canprovide oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and recycle waste.

Extremophiles are microorganisms that thrive in extreme environments, such as very high or low temperatures, intense pressure, or low pH. They are invaluable organisms for understanding how living things can survive and grow under such extreme conditions, and for furthering scientific research in various fields.

The amazing adaptability of extremophiles provides an opportunity to reveal the secrets of nature’s amazing ability to survive and thrive in extreme conditions. By researching and understanding extremophiles and their capabilities, scientists can unlock their secrets and apply them to find sustainable solutions. This can be seen in recent examples of research focused on algae-based closed-loop systems.

For the project of air purification panels, we chose the extremophilic strain that is characterized by fast adaptation, rapid biomass production, high CO2 sequestration and wastewater cultivation.

Our unique approach connects bio-tech innovative solutions with human-centred design and aesthetics, which is even more important for human beings in long-term duration missions in hostile extreme environments.

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