MSc. Eng. arch. Wiktoria Dziadula

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Architecture, sustainability and extreme environments


Research Gate


An architect, analog astronaut, and researcher, a PhD student at the Silesian University of Technology, where she conducts research in the field of space architecture with an emphasis on aspects of self-sufficiency in extreme environments.

She graduated from the Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, and of Kozminski University in the field of “Entrepreneurship in the Space Sector”. She cooperated with the Space is More company and the Lunares Research Station, where she conducted qualitative and expert research on human functioning in isolated, extreme conditions of space habitats. Currently, he coordinates the first space architecture research program in Poland “Scientific Program of Space Architecture”, where interdisciplinary projects and activities related to the architecture of space bases, space ergonomics, space education, analog habitats, tourism and space industry, 3D printing, bio-regenerative architecture, hydroponics and more. Wiktoria is the Director of the Educational Program at DeepSpaceInitative, an organization that deals with equal opportunities in access to the space sector around the world. Laureate and scholarship holder of TopMinds Fulbright, the Academy of Business Leaders and Civil Society of the Lesław A. Paga Foundation, Top 10 start-ups in the Shesnovation start-up academy – Perspektywy Women in Tech, participation in the first artistic and scientific residency in Poland Art+Design+Science in cooperation with, among others NASA, ESA, NOSPR. Until 2022, Wiktoria was the President of the Student Council at the President of Polish Space Agency, currently a member of the Council.