Jadwiga Małecka-Fick

Design Specialist

Architect, designer


Designing everyday objects using space technologies, creating visual content as well as analyzing and responding to users’ needs are her main tasks. (or maybe “responsible for, among others, designing everyday objects using space technologies, creating visual content, as well as analyzing and responding to users’ needs”)

In the surrounding world, she is fascinated by relationships and dependencies, both within society, the city and nature. Creating in the context of man for man and man for nature are the key elements of her work. It is from them that I draw inspiration for my projects, trying not only to show them but lso to create and complete them. For many years he has been involved in various projects, also from the borderland architecture, working in interdisciplinary teams.

Jadwiga Małecka-Fick is a student of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology. Her areas of research include topics related to the design of public buildings and office spaces, residential interiors, art installations, and utility design. She pays special attention to design taking into account the needs of users, which are a priority in each of her projects.

She believes that architecture is more than just pretty buildings, that the way we design can have a real impact on the functioning of individuals as well as entire societies, thus contributing to the creation of a better living space.

Finalist and laureate of numerous competitions in Poland and abroad, and her works have been presented at international conferences (WUF11, Bamp 2019). Participant and organizer of many international architectural workshops. She completed internships in respected offices, e.g. WXCA in Warsaw or BAAS Arquitectura in Barcelona. She is involved in many interdisciplinary projects, not only in the field of architecture, but also biotechnology, sociology and psychology. She has collaborated with numerous foundations: LAB 60+, dealing with universal design, Era Nowa Starości, and the Foundation of Polish Families. Currently, together with the Antyrama Foundation, he creates projects and urban interventions aimed at raising the standard of living in cities.She was recognised as a one of top 6 young Silesian architects.