Bartosz Nowak, MSc Eng.

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Chemical and Process Engineering

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Bartosz Nowak is a faculty member at the Warsaw University of Technology's Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering. He has been associated with the university since his engineering studies. His primary focus is functionalizing and modifying porous materials, nanotechnology, and sol-gel chemistry. Bartosz’s research focus on adapting organosilica-based aerogels to meet specific process application requirements. He strives to understand the process and develop tailor-made materials with matched morphology, wettability, and chemical structure, ultimately defining the final parameters and functionalities.

Bartosz’s expertise lies in producing aerogels for diverse engineering applications. These range from customizing air filters, and offering substrates for transgenic root cultures, to providing supportive matrices for solar distillation systems or thermophotocatalysis. His work encompasses practical and theoretical aspects of aerogel synthesis, utilizing the sol-gel technique to achieve tailored product specifications.