Space architecture

MSc Eng. Arch. Wiktoria Dziaduła – architect, designer, researcher, analog astronaut.

She is an analog astronaut, architect, PhD student at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Her research concerns an architecture in extreme environments, with particular emphasis on design in space, combining the concepts of self-sufficient space projects with the need for sustainable development in an everyday approach here, on Earth. She is interested in architecture in the context of innovation, as well as relations between art, design and science. In 2021 she completed her Master’s degree on analog space habitats “ The conceptual project of a self-sufficient simulation space station” which is exploring the subject of underwater analog habitats. Also Wiktoria’s research focuses on the Human Factor in space architecture, and new standards for design ergonomy in space (other-than-1G-gravity). From January 2021, a Leader of the Student Council to the President of the Polish Space Agency. She was a founder and leader of the space architecture design group M.A.R.S. Project – Interdepartmental Astronomical Student Movement, which brings together students – enthusiasts of the space sector.  She is an alumni of the “Academy of Business and Civic Leaders” of the Fundacja im. Lesław A. Pagi and “Shesnovation start-up academy” of Fundacja Perspektywy Women in Tech. Participant of the TopMinds 2022 training and mentoring program organized by the Top 500 Innovators Association and the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission.

Research projects and interests in our company:

Wiktoria is interested in designing in extreme environments like space, her research on space especially emphasizes on the technology transfer (spin-on, spin-in) – the possibility of using space innovation for use in terrestrial conditions to improve life and work quality and vice versa. She is also involved in the promotion and popularization of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) interdisciplinary education. 


  1. How to improve people’s lives through space innovations?
  2. How to live and work in extreme environments?
  3. How to encourage young people to be involved in interdisciplinary projects?
  4. How to popularize STEAM education?


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