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PhD (Agricultural Sciences) Justyna Szerement – chemist, researcher, science popularizer.

Her research interest includes the effect of mineral/organic fertilizers and heavy metals on the physicochemical, biological, and chemical properties of plants and soils. Justyna works at the AGH University of Science and Technology where her studies are  focused on the determination of the effect of fertilizers consisting of zeolite composite (NaX-C and NaX-Ver) on the growth and development of crops, and selected characteristics of soils. During her Ph.D. She studied the effects of zinc and cadmium on the growth and development of root vegetables. She was mainly focused on changes in cell wall composition, especially in terms of pectin content. These projects focused on characteristics of drought-tolerance variety of barley, studied the effect of natural zeolite on plants, the development of soil moisture and salinity sensors, and the synthesis of zeolite from fly ash. Justyna spent three months at the Tokai University in Japan founded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.

Research projects and interests in our company:

She is interested in both space agriculture and high-value food production.  The design and development of technologies needed to grow food in space can also be a key to the future of food sustainability on Earth. Understanding more resilient cultivation models capable of withstanding extreme conditions on other planets by examining different factors that affect their correct growth and the development of a closed-loop farming system will allow sufficient yields while saving resources and protecting the environment. If such farming systems can be developed, they will not only help feed astronauts in space, they will also help us overcome Earth’s resource and population problems, such as food security, water scarcity, and climate change.


How to grow plants in stressful conditions?

Is it possible to design a closed-loop farming system?

Which technological solutions should be used in closed-loop farming systems?

What factors should we consider for space farming systems?

These are just some questions that Justyna would like to find the answer to whilst planning her experimental work.

In our company she is responsible for space farming and agriculture projects.



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