Intelligent hydrogels and aerogels | Space medicine

MSc Eng. Magdalena Łabowska – PhD candidate at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. 

I am conducting my studies in bioengineering. I specialize in research on hydrogels derived from natural polymeric materials with potential applications in the biomedical field. I utilize additive manufacturing technologies to personalized Drug Delivery Systems fabrication. I have a master’s degree in Automation and Robotics obtained at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Research projects and interests in our company:

I am interested in applications of smart hydrogels that change their properties when exposed to external factors. I look for their applications in the biomedical industry, e.g. for Drug Delivery Systems. These materials are being used as we speak and already give effective results in the current project of pathologically changed tissues regeneration in the oral cavity. In this project, I am responsible for adapting materials as potential drug carriers, which can release the active substance in a controlled manner.

In addition we will focus on aerogels as a tool in environmental protection.


Nowadays, there is a growing demand for compatible and biodegradable materials used for medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and industrial purposes. Hydrogel materials are now widely used in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering applications. I examine hydrogel composites by modern methods of measurement for their properties and adjusted to potential applications by physio-chemical modifications of their structure. The use of additive manufacturing technologies provides the possibility of personalization of fabricated structures and their accuracy in shape reproduction. 



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