Nanomaterials application

PhD Magdalena Osial – chemist, researcher, science popularizer and active educator.

She works at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw and Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences. Her research focuses on synthesizing and investigating the physical-chemical properties of nanomaterials having potential applications towards environmental pollution treatment, dynamic energy dissipation, and anticancer therapy. She is oriented on interdisciplinarity in her studies, and in the meantime, she coordinates popular science projects – Science Embassy, Fluffy Science, TOP Kids Academy, and Making Scientists. She is engaged in the academic and pre-academic mentoring of young researchers. 

Research projects and interests in our company:

In our company, as a collaborator, she is responsible for interdisciplinary education and the application of nanomaterials in cancer research and tissue regeneration, including supporting systems for space journeys. She also works on the application of the nanomaterials towards the metal recovery from battery waste.


My research focuses on the practical use of nanomaterials. My vision of future  research is to apply the properties of nanomaterials with molecules based on the extremophiles to prepare materials for biomedical applications, especially cancer research and tissue regeneration. I am aware of the health and environmental problems that society struggles in these  times, so by working on nanomaterials’ practical application, I am also aware of the environmental studies. As one result, I am working on the metals recovery from the battery and electronic waste. Beyond the laboratory, I can be found working on STEM education projects. Science popularization and education is my passion. I am proud of being an educator for the generation of future scientists. Investment of our time in the passions of young scientists is an investment in our future.



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